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Two Brothers Fight, One Fries At ICU

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A violent argument between two brothers in the village of Fond du Sac on the evening of Sunday July 9 ended in a bloody brawl. One of the brothers, 35-year-old Arasen Ramasamy, was seriously injured and taken to the northern hospital in an ambulance belonging to the Emergency Medical Service (Samu). After treatment, he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). His condition is considered to be very serious. His brother Vanessen Ramasamy, aged 36, was arrested.

At around 8pm on the evening of Sunday July 9, a team of police officers from the Plaine des Papayes police station went to the village of Fond du Sac in response to a request. This followed an argument between two brothers of the Ramasamy family. Arasen Ramasamy was seriously injured. His alleged assailant was none other than his brother, Vanessen Ramasamy. Vanessen Ramasamy was also injured.

However, his brother Arasen, who suffered serious injuries, was evacuated to the northern hospital. He was treated and subsequently placed in an ICU ward. His condition is considered very serious.

Meanwhile, his brother Vanessen had gone to the Plaine des Papayes police station to report a case of assault against the victim. He also went to the northern hospital for treatment. He was subsequently arrested and placed in the Piton detention center. On Monday morning, July 10, he was brought before the Pamplemousses court on a provisional charge of aggravated assault. He was subsequently held in a police cell.

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