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Teenage Girl Abducted And Threatened To Withdraw Complaint

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A complaint of kidnapping was made on Thursday afternoon, 18 August, by a 13-year-old girl. The schoolgirl, who is in grade 7, explained that she was walking along a street in Rivière du Rempart when she was accosted by three men. They blindfolded her, tied her hands and forced her into a car. She was taken to a house where her eyes were uncovered. One of these individuals threatened her to withdraw her complaint of sexual assault against a 23-year-old man.

It was in the late afternoon of Thursday 18 August that this schoolgirl, accompanied by her father, went to the Rivière du Rempart police station to report a case of confinement. The victim, who lives in the village of Piton, said that on Wednesday 17 August, she took the bus to go to school. She said she got off the bus at a stop near the youth centre in Riviere du Rempart. Arriving at Baroda Lane, she was accosted by three men. Two of them pushed her around before blindfolding her and tying her hands.

She was forced into a car and driven to a house. There she was dragged into a room where her eyes were uncovered. One of the men told her to withdraw her complaint of sexual assault.

This schoolgirl had reported a case of sexual assault on 9 July. The offence was committed by an individual she knows as Nitesh, aged 23, who reportedly lives in the village of Plaine des Roches. She said she knew him through the PUBG application. On 2 January 2022, they met on the health course at Rivière du Rempart. The man, she says, kissed her on the lips and immortalized the moment with his mobile phone. In June, the man began to blackmail her, saying that he would publish the photo on social networks.

On 8 July, she met the blackmailer in Rivière du Rempart before accompanying him to Plaine des Roches out of fear. She was taken to a house where the man had sex with her without her consent.

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