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Rajesh Bhagwan Punished With Suspension From The Next Two Sittings

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MMM MP, Rajesh Bhagwan has been “named” for “gross disorder” and obstructing the work of the National Assembly. He has been suspended for the next two sittings by the Speaker. The motion was moved in the Assembly by the DPM, Minister of Tourism, Lands and Housing, Steven Obeegadoo. The unchanged and amended fates of the other MPs of the Opposition were also announced.

This is the result of all the Opposition MPs fighting back and holding up placards with messages for the PM, such as ‘High Treason’ and ‘Resignation’ in the middle of Parliament on Tuesday 5th July, at the very moment that Opposition Leader, Xavier Luc Duval was cut short at the very beginning of his supplementary questions. The latter had 3 questions in reserve on the allegations made by Sherry Singh as the resigned CEO of Mauritius Telecom on the basis of direct instructions from the PM to allow a foreign power to practice ‘sniffing’.

In the early evening, the Speaker modified some of his decisions. “I have decided to substitute their naming thereof into orders to withdraw from the House for today’s sitting only“.

Modified decisions

Apart from maintaining his decision for Rajesh Bhagwan, Sooroojdev Phokeer substituted the naming into orders to withdraw from the House for the sitting on Tuesday 05 July for the Opposition, Leader Xavier-Luc Duval, MMM MPs, Joanna Bérenger and Aadil Ameer Meea, and PTr leader, Dr Arvin Boolell and MPs, Stéphanie Anquetil, Patrick Assirvaden, Fabrice David, Osman Mahomed, Shakeel Mohamed, Ritesh Ramful, Michaël Sik Yuen and Ranjiv Woochit.

Decisions unchanged

His decision to ‘withdraw from the House’ for today’s sitting remained unchanged for the Opposition Whip, Patrice Armance, PMSD MPs, Richard Duval and Khushal Lobine, RM MP, Nando Bodha, PTr MPs, Dr Farhad Aumeer, Mahend Gungapersad and Eshan Juman, MMM’s Leader, Paul Bérenger and MMM MPs, Karen Foo Kune-Bacha, Arianne Navarre-Marie, Franco Quirin, Deven Nagalingum and Reza Uteem.

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