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Police Investigate The Gang Who Caused Panic At The “Gran Konser” At The Citadelle

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The Prime Minister, the Labour Party leader and other people have, on social media, condemned the incidents at Citadel on Saturday night.

The solidarity “Gran Konser” organized by the Attitude Hotel Group, in collaboration with the La Isla Social Club, as part of its 15th anniversary with the local community at La Citadelle, took an unexpected turn. All profits from the concert would be used to fund these associations, such as Terre de Paix, Vent d’un rêve, Caritas Grand-Gaube and Alphabétisation de Fatima.

As soon as The Prophecy’s performance was over, a gang of hooded people entered the Fort de la Citadelle, armed with swords, knives, truncheons, nd smoke bombs, and threatened to disrupt the show on the evening of Saturday, October 21.

Some of them climbed onto the podium, damaging musical instruments and other equipment. This unusual situation caused panic and chaos in the crowd and among the musicians taking part in the concert.

Everyone rushed in different directions to safety. To prevent the situation from degenerating, additional police reinforcements had to be called in to restore order.

An official investigation was launched following the incident. In a statement to Fanfaron police station, an ASP who was on duty at the event gave his version of events. He said he had been able to identify some of the troublemakers, who were not wearing masks. The case is being taken seriously by the authorities. So far, no arrests have been made.

Police have taken control of Safe City and CCTV images of the area. Twelve suspects have so far been named in the investigation. Last Sunday, a composite team from the central barracks, comprising numerous police units, carried out an operation which led to the arrest of two of them. Both are residents of Vallée-Pitot. Under the direct supervision of Police Commissioner Anil Kumar Dip, the police operation is still underway.

Many people, including politicians, have strongly condemned this act of unprovoked violence in a public event.

On his Facebook page, the Prime Minister was very firm in condemning what happened. Here’s what he had to say on Sunday morning:

Mo condamne banne incidents ki finne éna lieu à la Citadelle hier soir. This rally was organized to help NGOs and families and children from all communities and religions. Fortunately, there were no injuries. I will show no mercy to the groups that are intent on destroying our harmony. The police have acted decisively, and I’ve learned that many arrests have been made, and many more will follow. Mo pou continuer agir pou maintenir l’ordre ek la paix dans nou pays. Nou l’harmonie c’est pli grand richesse nou pays.

The leader of the Labor Party was also very critical on his page, “we must remain united in favor of peace, tolerance and the security of our society” he maintains.

Here’s his message: –

“I would like to express my deep concern about the incident that occurred yesterday at a concert in Port-Louis. This shocking act is an attack on our values and the safety of our fellow citizens. We must all strongly condemn such acts of violence.

In these difficult times, we must stand united for peace, tolerance and the security of our society, and the authorities must act swiftly to ensure that such incidents do not recur. Let us resolve to preserve peace and cohesion in our community! Vive la Démocratie, Vive L’harmonie et Vive L’île Maurice”.

Shakeel Mohamed also condemned what was happening, saying: “What happened last night at La Citadelle is unacceptable. Why interrupt a concert? There’s no logic other than the desire to destroy. I hear that one of the intruders uttered the word Palestine! We have a collective responsibility to identify those responsible and ensure that they are punished in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Mauritius.”

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