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Navin Ramgoolam Will Not Travel To India This Morning: Air Ambulance Sought

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We learn that the transfer of the former Prime Minister to India has been cancelled for the time being. The reason for this is that his oxygen demand would be too high, due to his affected lungs. Hence the decision of his doctors to advise him against travelling. Thus, MK’s special flight to India this morning has been cancelled.

Dr Ramgoolam’s relatives are looking for an Air Ambulance to evacuate him to India.


Avoiding any possible complications

The former prime minister is going there for advanced treatment of respiratory disorders. “He is going to continue his treatment in India to avoid any possible complications and receive the best possible care,” said Patrick Assirvaden, secretary of the PTR, who spoke to the Red Leader on Sunday.

Under the recommendation of his doctors

Dr Farhad Aumeer
Dr Farhad Aumeer

Currently admitted to the Isolation Ward of the Wellkin Clinic, he is receiving respiratory support like any Covid patient with breathing difficulties but “is not on artificial respiration. His condition is judged stable. He is able to talk, feed and take a flight,” says Dr Farhad Aumeer, the PTR’s delegated communicator for the case. Prevention is therefore cure, “it is a precautionary measure before any unexpected developments. It was after observation that his panel of doctors recommended his departure for India. Considering past Covid cases, we know that waiting too long would make him ineligible to travel, so the sooner the better in his case,” he adds. A private ambulance plane could not be found in time to move him. However, Navin Ramgoolam’s travel to New Delhi for Air Mauritius was facilitated by the government and the Indian High Commission in Mauritius. According to information available, he obtained his passport and a medical visa by express.

Mauritius not equipped enough?

Navin Ramgoolam is 74 years old and was admitted mainly for the onset of pneumonia last Friday. Whether it is acute pneumonia or the prevention of an undesirable evolution of Covid, it is clear that Mauritius is not sufficiently equipped for Dr Navin Ramgoolam’s current condition, as a panel of doctors has recommended such a transfer at such a time under those conditions.

He will receive all appropriate treatment at the renowned AIIMS in Pneumology and prestigious medical establishment in India and the world. He is being given special attention and monitoring by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in close collaboration with the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs in order to plan his trip to India properly.

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