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Men Can Now Register To Attend Prayers in Mosques

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Men from the Muslim community are called to register to attend prayers in mosques. The process are very simple and available on the www.prayers.mu. The Jummah Mosque announces that for each of the 5 daily prayers and more precisely for the Jummah, the weekly Friday prayer, several sessions will be organized and will depend on the record collected beforehand.

This Thursday, July 1st marks the ‘limited’ reopening of activities in the country. This also applies to places of worship that will be able to accommodate a limited number of 50 people at the same time. The Jummah Mosque has set up an online registration system for the followers who would want to pray in ‘Jamaat’, or community, within the walls of the mosques around the island.

According to Nissar Ramtoolah, President of the Jummah Mosque “this applies to all times of daily prayers, but especially to the Jummah where mosques are the most frequented. We will try to organize 30-minute sessions for Friday prayers behind the Imam for each group of 50 people. This requires good management and we are calling on all Muslims who attend mosques to register online in order to better group them.” All the modalities are available online as well as the measures taken by the mosques and the barrier measures to be respected by the faithful.

Nissar Ramtoolah
Nissar Ramtoolah

It is a widely used system in other countries where identification is done at the presentation of its unique QR Code and access after scan. “Moreover, in the event of transmission or contamination, this system would facilitate the contact tracing exercise of the country’s medical and police authorities. If everything goes as planned, we may use the same system for the prayers of coming Eid Ul Adha” concludes Nissar Ramtoolah.

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