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Man Arrested For Raping Sister-In-Law On New Year’s Eve

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A young 24 year old resident of Camp de Masque broke her silence after 5 days to denounce the two brothers of her husband. One of them sexually abused her while the second one filmed the scene during the New Year’s Eve 2021. However, everything had started well during this evening of drinking. That evening, the husband of the victim was working. With her two sisters-in-law and two brothers-in-law, she was celebrating the transition to the new year of 2022. It was when her two sisters-in-law went to the store to buy drinks that she was raped.

It was in the late afternoon of Wednesday, January 5, that the victim went to the police station of Camp de Masque to file a complaint. In great detail, she gave the history of this fateful evening. She was in the company of her two sisters-in-law and her two brothers-in-law.  The latter are 28 and 25 years old respectively. They were all in the room of the man, 28 years old, and were consuming alcohol for the evening.

At one point, his two sisters-in-law went out to buy drinks. The 28-year-old brother-in-law then locked the door from the inside and came and sat next to her on a bed. Her other brother-in-law, a 25-year-old bricklayer who is registered with the Camp de Masque police, was sitting on another bed.  The older brother-in-law then had to place the palm of his right hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming and at the same time removed her clothes. She was abused for half an hour while her husband’s other brother filmed the scene with his cell phone.  He threatened her with the following words, “si mo frer gagn kitsoz, mo pou ray twa, mo pou montre zot tou ki mo finn filme”.

During the evening of Wednesday, January 5, a team of police officers from the Camp de Masque police station arrested the two brothers. After their interrogation, the brother who filmed the rape scene was released on parole. The brother, who is accused of rape, spent the night in the Moka detention center.

However, they were both brought before the court in Flacq on Thursday, January 6. The one provisionally accused of rape was kept in a police cell. The police did not object to his notorious recidivist brother being released on bail. But since he could not pay his bail, he was sent to the central prison of Beau-Bassin to be held there.

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