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In Beau Plan, He Slits His Wife’s Throat Before Killing Himself

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Ugesh Churkoo, 27 years old, did not survive his wounds that he inflicted himself with a kitchen knife, after having slit his wife’s throat, Subhasnee Lodhur-Churkoo, 20 years old, with a cutter. It was during an argument in the afternoon of Friday, November 4 that the drama occurred in the parking lots of Mahogany Shopping Mall in Beau-Plan in Pamplemousses. The young woman is in critical condition at the North Hospital. Ugesh Churkoo died from a stab wound to the heart.

Ugesh Churkoo, who worked as a maintenance worker at Courts Mammoth, lived in the village of Bois Mangue, Plaine des Papayes. His wife, who works at the Engen gas station in Beau-Plan, lives in Roches Noires and is the mother of a little girl.

Some witnesses witnessed this bloody scene, which took place shortly after 1 pm on Friday, November 4. This couple, who were arguing, had to come to blows. At a certain moment, Ugesh Churkoo withdrew a cutter to inflict a blow to the neck of his wife, and she began to bleed profusely. The suspect then fled to a vacant lot about 50 meters from the parking lots of Mahogany Shopping Mall to inflict a self-inflicted stab wound to the left of his chest and neck.

An ambulance from the Emergency Medical Service (SAMU) was called to the scene.  Subhasnee Lodhur-Churkoo was given first aid before being taken to hospital. As for her husband, the doctor on board unfortunately had to declare his death on a wasteland where he was lying on his back.

When a team of police officers from the Pamplemousses police station, led by Sergeant Jhugursingh, arrived at the scene of the attack, the EMS personnel had already arrived on site.

A team of police officers from the Emergency Response Service and Constable Sooklall from the Field Intelligence Office were at the scene of the assault. The Criminal Investigation Division of Pamplemousses, the photographer, the sketch artist and a police dog were also called to the scene. Two blue Huawei cell phones and a sum of Rs 800, which were in possession of the victim, were seized as evidence.

The corpse of her husband was taken to the morgue of the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo Hospital in Port-Louis for an autopsy. The autopsy, performed in the early evening by Dr. Prem Chamane, Principal Police Medical Officer, attributed the death to a “stab wound to the heart”.

An investigation has been initiated at the CID level to shed light on the exact circumstances of this tragedy.

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