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Gastronomy: O.M.G To Open An Embassy In Mauritius

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The World Gastronomy Organization (W.G.O.) has chosen the Institut Escoffier to represent it in Mauritius. On October 14, the Mauritian branch of the O.M.G will be officially launched in the presence of its founder Laurent Truyen, Comte de la Fenouillime, and Carole Le Bagousse, President and CEO. On this occasion, the founder of the O.M.G will appoint Dr Jérôme Fabre as Ambassador to Mauritius.

With over 25,000 members, 250 experts and 50 international ambassadors, the O.M.G is dedicated to promoting luxury, the arts, science and gastronomy on an international scale.

The O.M.G chose the Mauritian branch of the Institut Escoffier for the quality of its work both locally and in the Indian Ocean to promote luxury, gastronomy and science.

Dr Jérôme Fabre - World Gastronomy Organization
Dr Jérôme Fabre will become an OMG ambassador on October 14.

The Institut Escoffier specializes in French-style training for luxury professions, and also promotes luxury professions through student competitions such as the Olympiades de la gastronomie et de la restauration.

In addition, the establishment has been awarded the prize for the best gastronomy and catering teaching establishment in Mauritius for three years running. The Institut Escoffier is also the representative of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, which promotes the know-how of pastry professionals.

On October 14, the Comte de la Fenouillime will award decorations known as ‘Étoiles Blanches’ to a dozen personalities in recognition of their contribution to the fields of luxury, the arts, science and haute gastronomy.

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