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Technology: AfriEDX Launches ReUSE Revamp Initiative

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Giving new life to laptops. That’s the aim of AfriEDX’s ReUSE Revamp Initiative (RRI). The project also aims to limit the production of e-waste.

Hénry Rotile

Laptops put aside for their slowness will be able to work again with the ReUse Revamp Initiative project. François Mark – founder of RRI and director of AfriEDX – tells us more: “Many Mauritian families have laptops that they no longer use because they are slow.  With the RRV, these families will be able to offer them to us in exchange for gift vouchers, among other things, to give these laptops a new lease of life using Chrome OS, which is free, lighter and more secure than other operating systems on the market. The other advantage is that Chrome OS uses the cloud to back up our data. So if anything goes wrong, you don’t lose your information. ”

Once the laptops have been recovered and the software installed, the company plans to rent them out: “The public will be able to rent these laptops at a competitive price. Another advantage is that the company will take care of all repairs during the rental period. In the event of a problem, we also undertake to recover and offer the customer another laptop as quickly as possible.”

According to François Mark, this concept could also be used in schools, with perfect control over the laptops used for course delivery.

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