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MCB Expands Its Digital Offerings For Businesses With IB Pro

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The ‘Omnichannel’ platform, which already includes Juice and Juice Pro, is now aimed at customers in the corporate, SME, association and foundation segments. With IB Pro, they benefit from a new interface with more intuitive navigation, similar to that of Juice and Juice Pro.

Customers also have at their disposal the SmartApprove mobile application, a two-factor authentication tool, which has replaced the ‘HID Approve’, making the authorization process simpler.

In addition to the app, IB Pro offers a host of features, including 24/7 transaction processing, transparent and rapid registration, self-service functionalities, and greater visibility on international transfers.

The platform will soon be enhanced with new features such as ‘Instant Payment’, the option of uploading documents and the creation of secure beneficiary lists.

For Sanjeev Hazareesing, Head of Global Transaction Banking at MCB, these digital solutions are an opportunity to be seized: “Through these digital solutions, MCB wants to provide its large corporate customers with day-to-day efficiency, with state-of-the-art tools. We provide them with platforms that are secure so that they can carry out their transactions wherever they are and at any time. For this customer segment, this means savings in terms of time and resources.”

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