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DPM Dookun: Need For Adjustment

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The Ministry of Education will not close schools again. The DPM Dookun announces that it will be necessary to adjust to the situation. Since the start of the school year on 5 July, more than a dozen establishments in the red zone and outside the red zone had to be closed for disinfection. Detections and closures become repetitive daily.

New closures

In the testing process on Tuesday 13 July, another student from Hindu Girls College tested positive. The secondary school will remain closed this Wednesday, July 14. Bois Cheri was declared Red Zone on Wednesday morning at 06 hours after 7 cases were detected. Thus, the schools of this region will remain closed. Therefore, students who live in this region will be unable to attend their pre-primary, primary, secondary, and tertiary schools.

If we close schools today, will the situation be different in two weeks?” retorted Education Minister Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun to the news on contamination cases among students and teachers. She nevertheless emphasized that “we must be able to adjust. We need to make sure that the student stays connected with their studies.” She spoke about implicating the “new normals“, despite the difficulties. Her request to the supervisors to maximize their efforts and vigilance towards the sanitary gestures for the students and themselves.

EOU- Round table discussion on the agenda

This declaration has shocked more than one. For Sooryadanand Meetooa, the President of the Education Officers’ Union (EOU): “We will bring together all the organizations involved in the health sector for a round table discussion on the situation.” They will have to express their grievances and demands very soon.

Pfizer/Johnson for 12- and 17-year-olds

It is time to vaccinate the youngest. With the rise of positive cases among the student population, and all the panic it created, Minister Kailesh Jugutpal of Health has expressed his intentions to reserve this shipment of Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson received on Tuesday, July 12 for the youngest of our population. His ministry is in contact with the African Union and the Covax Facility on vaccine materials and their availability. He said the country will receive 165,600 doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine very soon in order to complete the vaccination campaign.

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