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Arrest At Bois Marchand Cemetery: Hostile Crowd Attacks Police Officers

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Police officers from the Special Cell of the Special Supporting Unit (SSU) were confronted by a hostile crowd on the afternoon of Friday, September 29, when they were arresting a suspect in possession of drugs at the Bois Marchand cemetery in Terre Rouge. One of the policemen had to pull out his revolver to intimidate the crowd. Eventually the suspect, Mathieu Anelka Perrine, 23, was arrested. Two police officers were injured during the operation.

It was 1 p.m. on Friday, September 29. Following information obtained by the SSU Special Cell that a drug transaction was about to take place on Route Royale de Terre Rouge near the Bois Marchand cemetery, a police operation was mounted.

At 2.15pm, a motorcycle was seen arriving at this location. It was driven by Mathieu Perrine, who is known to the police. The suspect was coming from the direction of the cemetery and heading towards Route Royale. When the motorcycle was intercepted, Mathieu Perrine, who had been informed of the identity of the police, had to push a policeman to flee in the direction of the Bois Marchand cemetery, leaving his motorcycle behind.

As he fled, he discarded a parcel wrapped in black adhesive tape from the right pocket of his shorts. This was suspected of containing drugs. As a policeman was picking up the parcel, other policemen gave chase. He was caught in the cemetery courtyard. When questioned about the evidence that was seized, he had to say, “missie la drog sintetik sa. Mo ti pe al livre sa pou gagn enn lavi, mo konne lapolis sa ek ena prison ladan, monn sove”.

In the space of a few minutes, a group of hostile men crossed the wall of this cemetery. They were carrying stones and iron bars. Police officers warned them not to interfere, but to no avail. Three individuals known to the police, who were said to be the ringleaders, incited the others to oppose the police force with expletives, “… personn pa pou pran Mathieu la”. These people began throwing stones and other projectiles at the policemen. During the hostilities, Mathieu Perrine was hit in the head by a stone. A policeman trying to protect his face was hit on the finger with a stone. Another policeman was hit on the right elbow and wrist.

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