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12-Hr National Relay : PM Reiterates The Significance Of Staying Physically Active

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We should all commit ourselves to practising at least a physical activity, each in our ways, considering our age and ability. For, staying physically active is beneficial not just for individuals and their family, but also for the country.

The above statement was made by the Prime Minister, Mr. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, yesterday afternoon, as he participated in the fourth edition of the 12-HR National Relay Walk, Jog and Run for Health held at the Côte d’Or National Sports Complex. This sports event, an initiative of the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation, was organised in joint collaboration with the Mauritius Sports Council.

12-HR National Relay held at Côte d’Or National Sports Complex

Numerous personalities participated in the event.

Emphasising on the imperativeness of engaging in sports activities, the Prime Minister indicated that this fourth edition gives due consideration to potential athletes for them to shine locally, nationally, and internationally. Such a sports-based initiative, he pointed out, has been designed to spur grassroots sports and physical activity partaking among the Mauritian population, ranging from children, youngsters to the elderly people.

Mr Jugnauth, moreover, affirmed that the inculcation of a sports and physical activity culture can, fundamentally, aid in preventing the youth from meandering into social ills. Maintaining an active lifestyle, he added, will entail a healthy local community who contributes efficiently and proactively to the country’s progress. As such, the Prime Minister stipulated that the Government is involved in decentralising access to sports activities through the establishment of football grounds, MUGA, health tracks and gymnasiums in several regions across the island.

12-HR National Relay held at Côte d’Or National Sports Complex

In addition, Mr Jugnauth stated that during this fourth edition of the event, he outperformed his previous record of 30 laps of the running track by completing 35 laps and covering a total distance of 14 km.

As for the Sports Minister, he similarly underpinned the overarching objective of the event which is to sensitise the population on the importance of indulging in sports activities, for a minimum of 30 minutes on a daily basis, to stay healthy. Minister Toussaint expressed his satisfaction as regards the high number of participants present for the National Relay which kickstarted at 06 00 am and concluded at 18 00 pm today.

12-HR National Relay held at Côte d’Or National Sports Complex

It is to be recalled that the 12-hr National Relay Walk, Jog and Run for Health is a national event aligned with the National Sport and Physical Activity Policy, elaborated in 2018. The fourth edition saw the participation of some 1 654 people, from Ministries, parastatal bodies, sports organisations, universities and the public.

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