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We Are Against The Drowning ICAC In Other Institutions… It Must Be Replaced By The South African Public Protector

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The MMM leader faced the press on Saturday morning. Only one subject was on the agenda. He gave a lengthy presentation on South Africa’s Public Protector Act. This law advocates the creation of a Public Protector.

Paul Bérenger stated that the MMM is strongly opposed to the Financial Crime Commission project, which, according to him, consists of drowning ICAC in other institutions. For him, the body based at the Réduit Triangle should be done away with and replaced by the Public Protector, which will include the Ombudsman’s office.

Paul Bérenger also asked all Mauritians, especially young people and political parties, to study the Public Protector Act as well as the South African Constitution and Constitutional Court. He emphasised that our Constitution needs to be reviewed because it has weaknesses and that a constitutional court is necessary. “I know of no lawyer worthy of the name who does not agree with the establishment of a constitutional court”, he said. For him, Mauritius has a good Constitution, but it has its weaknesses.

He explained that he had always regretted that the autonomy of Rodrigues was included in our Constitution but not local government.

The MMM leader addressed the Chagos issue. He declared that he did not understand the Mauritian Prime Minister’s strategy on the subject. “We have had a ruling from the International Court of Justice. The Americans don’t recognise this judgement and are asking us to go and negotiate with London. That annoys me. Yes, we need to talk to London, but we also need to talk to the Americans. Because the English are comics when it comes to Diego Garcia. How can we accept this kind of contempt? The Americans do not recognise our sovereignty or the judgement of the International Court of Justice”, he declared. He added that Pravind Jugnauth would be begging for an opportunity to meet Joe Biden.

Under the MSM, those who want to do their job are fired

Paul Bérenger agreed with Navin Ramgoolam’s opposition to the creation of a Financial Crime Commission. He indicated that he was also opposed to it. For him, since 2015, the MSM has turned the Icac into a White-Washing Machine. “But that’s not all. Under the MSM, anyone who tries to do their job properly is sacked. You find this phenomenon even within Statistics Mauritius,” he said.

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