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Trou Aux Biches’ Youth Arrested For Theft Of Alcoholic Beverages

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In less than twenty-four hours, the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Trou aux Biches has solved a case of burglary perpetrated at the home of an English woman, who is a resident permit holder in Morcellement Jhuboo, Trou aux Biches.

Akshay Gavin Goorbin, 23 years old and living in the same village, was apprehended this Monday, January 31, for the theft of a bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne, 3 bottles of red wine, 3 bottles of white wine, 1 bottle of sparkling wine, 2 cell phones, 1 wallet containing the sum of 100 pounds sterling and 3 bank cards. The loot is estimated to have a total value of Rs. 17,000. After his arrest, the suspect returned part of the stolen loot.

In a statement made at the Trou aux Biches police station, the British national, who is the director of a company, explained that the theft was committed at her home between 7:30 am and 1:35 pm on Sunday, January 30. One of her neighbors, she said, saw the suspect running from her home with a backpack.

Akshay Gavin Goorbin
Akshay Gavin Goorbin

During the morning of Monday, January 31, based on specific information, the police officers of the CID of Trou aux Biches, composed of constables Saint Pierre, Huradon, Nohur, Jadoo and policewoman Lacloche, under the supervision of Inspector Seegoolam, arrived at the home of Akshay Gavin Goorbin and proceeded to his arrest. He was taken to the CID office for questioning and confronted with the allegations against him. Akshay Goorbin was identified by one of the English woman’s neighbors as the person he saw running from her house.

The suspect soon confessed his guilt in the case. He was to lead the CID police officers to a bush along Avenue Rouget, Morcellement Jhuboo, Trou aux Biches where he hid a purple and grey backpack. The backpack contained 1 bottle of white wine, 1 bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne, 1 bottle of red wine, 2 CDs, 2 cell phones, 1 wallet containing several bank cards and business cards.

During the day of Monday, January 31, Akshay Goorbin was brought before the court of Pamplemousses where he answered a provisional accusation of theft. Since the police objected to his release on parole, he was returned to his cell.

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