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Removal Of Restrictions Related To MV Wakashio

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On March 5, 2021, restrictions were imposed in the lagoons and non-lagoons of Pointe D’Esny and at the beach of Pointe Jérôme to allow the dismantling and removal of the stern of the MV Wakashio. This was done to allow the National Center for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management to ensure constant coordination among concerned authorities and other stakeholders.

Inspections for signs of pollution were systematically carried out at regular intervals during the day and night. Rapid interventions were initiated to contain, recover, remove and dispose of the remaining pollutants.

In addition, the Ministry of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Maritime Affairs had conducted tests on the sediments, seawater quality, and fish in the area on a regular basis which were within the prescribed standards.

According to General Notice No. 876 published in the Government Gazette on June 7, 2022, it has been decided that the general public will again be able to fully enjoy marine activities such as swimming, surfing, diving and boating at Pointe D’Esny and Pointe Jerome among others. However, the public is reminded that a 300-meter radius restriction off the lagoon at Pointe d’Esny from the wreck of the MV Wakashio is still in place.

The decision to remove the restrictions related to the MV Wakashio was made in light of the results of tests conducted on seawater quality, the health of marine species, and the ambient air in the Pointe D’Esny area. Also, inspections of the seabed were conducted by the authorities in conjunction with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), fishermen, and companies responsible for the removal.

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