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Komiko Comedy Art Club: Will the Troupe Lose its Theater Forever?

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The Komiko troupe has only a few weeks left before the deadline given by the Bagatelle Mall management expires. While discussions with the Ministry of Arts and Heritage are still ongoing, the troupe still does not know if it will get its theater back.

End of August. This is the deadline that the management of the Bagatelle Mall has given to the Komiko troupe to find the necessary finances to resume its activities.

So the actors fear the worst – that is, losing their theater’s location at the Bagatelle Mall for good: “The management was kind enough to give us a deadline. But after that deadline at the end of August, they can rent the space to someone else and if that happens, that would be the end of Komiko Comedy Art Club for good,” says Alexandre Martin – one of the troupe members.

Komiko Comedy Art Club

However, negotiations to find a solution are still ongoing with the Department of Arts and Heritage: “The proposal to perform at the Serge Constantin Theater is still on the table. We are open to this offer, but as much as possible, we would like to have our theater back,” says Alexandre.

In addition, those who wish to contribute so that Komiko saves its theater, can do so by visiting the Facebook page of crowdfund.mu.

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