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In Pointe Aux Piments : Sophisticated Cannabis Grow Operation Dismantled

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Early on the morning of Thursday 7 September, the Special Cell of the Special Supporting Unit (SSU) dismantled a sophisticated cannabis cultivation operation in hydroponic greenhouses in Pointe aux Piments. Using the latest technology, Naseer Amir Bhugeloo, a 33-year-old unemployed man known to the police, was apprehended following the discovery at Résidence Harmony, Pointe aux Piments. The plants discovered, most of which were ready to be sold on the market, are valued at Rs 1 million.

It was on the basis of certain information and after hours of surveillance that this team from the SSU Special Cell, led by Chief Inspector Rajcoomar Seewoo, arrived at this residence located in a fenced estate. Armed with a search warrant, the police had to use force to gain access to the house, as Naseer Bhugeloo was resisting.

The house had been fitted out with an entire system of LED lights, ventilation, and an electronic thermometer to help the plants grow. When questioned, Naseer Bhugeloo said, “pie gandia sa missie”. The police also discovered a green canvas bag in a drawer, containing a sum of Rs 100,000. This money is suspected to have come from the sale of drugs.  Two glass jars containing cannabis and an electronic scale bearing particles of the drug were also seized. Six plastic bottles containing a liquid suspected by police to be fertiliser were also discovered. Confronted with these exhibits, Naseer Bhugeloo had to say, “mo mett sa dan bann plant gandia la pou zot grandi byen”.

Naseer Bhugeloo was arrested on a provisional charge of drug trafficking. He was brought before the Pamplemousses court before being remanded in custody.

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