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313 Cases Of Dengue Fever And 37 Of Leptospirosis

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A multi-sector committee met at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health yesterday morning to take stock of the situation regarding dengue fever and leptospirosis. Speaking to the press afterwards, Kailesh Jagutpal said that the number of active cases of dengue fever had fallen. It currently stands at 313. However, the Minister of Health pointed out that various regions, like Petit-Raffray, Goodlands, Roches-Noires, Baie du Tombeau and Port-Louis continue to record a high rate of contamination. As for leptospirosis, there have been 37 cases to date, said Minister Jagutpal. 6 deaths linked to the disease have been recorded from January 2024 to date.

During a statement following the meeting, Dr Jagutpal emphasised that the Committee regroups all concerned officers and stakeholders involved in tackling the Dengue Fever situation in Mauritius and is convened on a weekly basis in order to coordinate efforts to ensure prompt preventive measures.

He pointed out that a decrease in the number of active cases of Dengue Fever in Mauritius has been noted, compared to last week, during which 313 active cases were recorded.

Multi-sector committee meeting at the Ministry of Health

Minister Jagutpal informed that active cases are still being recorded in some Dengue-affected areas across the Island, including Petit Raffray, Goodlands, specific regions in Port-Louis, Roches Noires and Baie du Tombeau, which he remarked calls for further efforts to stop propagation of the viral infection.

The Health Minister also highlighted that Citée Vallijee, Triolet, Quatre-Bornes, and Amaury have been zoned out as areas having high density of mosquito larvae which makes them more prone to the prevalence of Dengue Fever.

Various Governmental institutions are scaling up efforts to clean areas such as vegetation, wastelands, bulky waste that may create favourable breeding conditions for mosquitoes, he stressed, while calling upon the population to back up these measures with their personal efforts.

As regards the surge of Leptospirosis in Mauritius, the Minister underlined that 37 cases have been recorded since January 2024, with as at date two active cases, and up to 21 May 2024, six related deaths.

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