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For Rezistans Ek Alternativ, The Government Is Forcing Young People Out Of The Nation

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The Rezistans ek Alternativ (ReA) party commented on the budget at a press briefing on Saturday.  Ashok Subron, Kugan Parapen and Stefan Gua criticized the measures announced. “This is a very serious budget that will go down in history. It’s a blow for Mauritian workers and youth”, said Ashok Subron.

He spoke extensively about the new policies pertaining to the labour market. “The government is forcing young people out of the nation in order to create room for workers and millionaires. This budget welcomes a fresh wave of immigrants to Mauritius.” He also bemoaned the lack of the salary adjustments that the trade unions had been waiting for so long. He declared, “It’s a race to the bottom.”

Kugan Parapen denounced the “role of illusionist” played by the Finance Minister. He clarified how the severely depreciated Mauritius rupee has reduced the purchasing power of the Mauritius in terms of dollars. ReA also claims in a Facebook post that “the latest budget exercise by the MSM is predictable; it’s a desperate attempt to strengthen the orange party’s base of support (planters, fishermen, pensioners, new voters, and those at the bottom).” This leads us to the conclusion that the social and economic trends that have been evident since 2019 will only intensify rather than vanish.

According to ReA, “it is undeniable that the growth in social benefits, like the Basic Retirement Pension and the CSG Allowance, only amounts to a portion of the taxes collected from the general public.” What is favoured by Mauritius? Increased incomes or increased purchasing power. Since the two are not necessarily equivalent.

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