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In Triolet: Jewellery And Silver Worth Rs 750,000 Stolen

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A self-employed man in his sixties reported a break-in at his home in Triolet. During his absence on Tuesday May 21, the lock on his kitchen door was broken and the thief gained access to the interior. He seized a plastic box containing several gold jewels and the sum of Rs 80,000 in Rs 1,000 denominations. The total value is Rs 750,000. The 60-year-old man says he suspects his 25-year-old neighbor, who has just been released from prison.

In his complaint for burglary made to the Triolet police station on the evening of Tuesday May 21st, the 60-year-old recounted the circumstances of the theft. The theft took place between 10.45 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. on Tuesday May 21. The perpetrator forced open the lock on a door to gain access to his kitchen. He left with a purple plastic box containing four bracelets (batana), a pair of bracelets called Kangan, four gold rings, a necklace, a wedding ring and the sum of Rs 80,000 in Rs 1000 denominations, which was in a cupboard in her prayer room.

All the jewels belong to him except for the sum of Rs 80,000, which belongs to his sister-in-law. The stolen jewelry, he claimed, was not insured. The 60-year-old says he suspects his neighbor, who has just been released from prison.  The latter had been seen prowling around his house a few days earlier. His yard is well fenced and equipped with surveillance cameras and an alarm system. However, they are not in use.

Inside his house, he found a 5-kilo orange bag of Taaj rice, which appeared to be full, and a brown handkerchief in the living room, which were seized by the police. These items do not belong to him or his family members.

The 25-year-old is being actively sought by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Trou aux Biches for questioning.

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