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UK: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Announces Election For July 4

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In a vote that the public is likely to pick, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Wednesday that the country would have a general election on July 4. The Conservative Party, which has ruled the country for the past 14 years, is predicted to lose to the opposition Labour Party.

Sunak, 44, ended months of rumors about when he would hold another election by calling for one many months ahead of schedule while standing in the pouring rain outside his Downing Street office. This was a daring move given that his party was trailing Labour in the polls.

As demonstrators outside the gates of Downing Street sang an anthem celebrating Labour’s 1997 election triumph under former prime minister Tony Blair, Sunak practically yelled to be heard as he highlighted his accomplishments while being in power, having served as both the prime minister and the previous finance minister.

“Now is the moment for Britain to choose its future and decide whether it wants to build on the progress we have made or risk going back to square one and no certainty. Over the next few weeks, I will fight for every vote, I will earn your trust and I will prove to you that only a Conservative government led by me will not put our hard earned economic stability at risk,” he said.

In addition to being significantly behind Labour in the polls going into the election, Sunak is also feeling a little alienated from some members of his own party and will need a small group of advisors to help guide him through what is expected to be a difficult campaign.

However, it appears that he has determined that, given recent economic improvements including declining inflation and the economy expanding at its strongest rate in over three years, it is now appropriate to take a chance and publicly introduce his agenda to voters for a new term.

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