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Four Fake Police Officers Wanted For Sequestration And Theft

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Four masked individuals burst into a supermarket in Rose Belle on the afternoon of Saturday August 26 before beating up a resident of Gros Billot. Posing as police officers, the thugs forced the 29-year-old man into a 4×4. After tying up his hands and feet, a T-shirt was placed over his face. He was driven to a field in Savannah Sugar Estate, where he was abandoned. He was threatened with death if he did not report the matter to the police. The victim says he knows the driver of the 4×4 who parked in the supermarket’s parking lot. The man, Rakesh Kissoon, an ex-policeman and resident of New Grove, was arrested by members of Rose Belle’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) on the afternoon of Monday August 28. The loot stolen is estimated at Rs 88,000.

On Saturday August 26 at around 2.45pm, the victim was inside a Rose Belle supermarket. At one point he saw a 4×4 parked in the parking area. It was driven by Rakesh Kissoon, a person he knew very well. Four masked individuals got out of the vehicle.  They entered the business and three of them began beating him all over his body, posing as police officers. He was dragged out of the supermarket. They searched his pockets and took the ignition key from his red Mitsubishi Lancer.

One of the men asked another man to take the wheel of his car and follow them. His hands and feet were tied and a T-shirt was used to cover his face. He was taken to a cane field on Savannah Sugar Estate, where he was abandoned after being threatened. He was told not to tell anyone, especially the police, otherwise he’s a dead man. The thugs informed him that his car, cell phone and national identity card had been confiscated.

The Gros Billot resident suffered injuries to his knees, left cheek, forehead, and bruises to his elbows. He complained of pain all over his body. He was taken to Jawaharlall Nehru Hospital in Rose Belle for treatment. His right leg is bandaged. His eyes are swollen, and he has a lump on his left forehead.

The Rose Belle CID is investigating to get to the bottom of the whole affair.

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