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Deaths Of 11 Dialysis Patients In 2021: “In Cases Where Medical Negligence Is Confirmed, We Will Compensate,” Says Kailesh Jagutpal

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The Private Notice Question yesterday in the National Assembly, was on the 11 dialysis patients that dies durint the second wave of Covid-19 in Mauritius. The Minister of Health pointed out that the report of the Medical Negligence Standing Committee found medical negligence in only two cases. Both cases have been referred to the Medical Council. However, in response to a supplementary question from the Leader of the Opposition concerning the publication of the report, Kailesh Jagutpal indicated that the Medical Council had requested that the 9 other cases be referred to it. As a result, the document will not be published.

But just before that, in his last supplementary question, Xavier-Luc Duval tabled letters from the families of 7 deceased people calling for the report to be published. He too asked for the document to be published.

The question of compensation was also raised by the leader of the opposition. What will happen if the Medical Tribunal confirms medical negligence in both cases? Kailesh Jagutpal replied that the government would do whatever was necessary to compensate the families of the victims. He insisted that this was a special and unprecedented period.

On several occasions, the Leader of the Opposition insisted that even if there was no medical negligence, the report of the Medical Negligence Standing Committee highlighted a series of flaws, omissions and shortcomings.

At the end of the Private Notice Question, the Speaker of the National Assembly expelled the leader of the opposition.

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