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Covid 19: Mauritius Infected By Its Own Variant

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Today’s figure is 165 cases, of which 156 asymptomatic and 9 admitted to ENT Hospital in Vacoas. Dr Kailesh Jagutpal, Minister of Health, announced new regulations, new dates for compulsory vaccination for 5 sectors, but above all the sequencing results which attribute 13 out of 13 samples to the Mauritian variant.

Mauritius infected with its own variant

This announcement was made during the weekly press briefing of the National Communication Committee. Received on 10 August, of the 13 samples, taken on 12 Covid-positive Mauritians and one foreigner for sequencing, all 13 were of the Mauritian variant, B 1.1.318. The first sequencing was done in the laboratory set up at Victoria Hospital in Mauritius and sent for confirmation to South Africa. The report shows identical results. This reassures that foreign variant are not circulating in the island.

Petit Verger – new treatment centre for prisoners

With the spate of cases in the prisons, the decision was taken that Petit Verger Prison should be converted to a treatment centre. There are currently 188 patients admitted to the centre, including prisoners and staff. All Covid-positive cases collected from the prisons will be returned to Pointe’s aux Sables. 95% of staff are vaccinated and 65% of inmates.

Self-isolation soon to be made official

Currently, the Ministry of Health records 1,346,650 doses of Covid-19 vaccine that have been administered since 26 January. 745,146 people representing 59.6% of the adult population are primo vaccinated and 601,504 people or 48.1% of the adult population, both. As confirmed by Dr. Ashwamed Dinassing, the ENT hospital has 76 patients admitted due to Covid-19. 50 show mild symptoms such as cough or fever, two patients aged 56 and 96 are on oxygen and one 64-year-old patient is being closely monitored. He strongly recommends vaccination and wants the whole population to be vaccinated. Since the reopening of the airport on 15 July, 1,090 passengers are in quarantine. 553 Mauritians are in quarantine in hotels because they are not inoculated but above all, 2270 Mauritians are in self-isolation as they are asymptomatic and vaccinated, which by the way, is going to become the new way of proceeding as Dr. Jagutpal said “this hospitalization at home with a follow-up of health professionals is being prepared by the Ministry. We are making fine adjustments before presenting it officially. We will take into account the unavoidable factors such as age, diseases and co-morbidities among others.”

Mandatory vaccination on 21 August

From 21 August in Mauritius and 13 September in Rodrigues, vaccination will be compulsory for 5 sectors. These are the Mauritius Prison Service Unit, the Port, the Airport, Retirement Homes and Rehabilitation Centres. The Minister was clear on the subject that there will be no relaxation, except for those who are unwilling or unable to be vaccinated for a health reason certified by a specialist. Those concerned will be required to present a PCR test that is less than a week old to operate in these places.

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