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Bérenger: “We Are Finalising A Document To Be Remitted To The Electoral Commissioner”

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In a press conference on Saturday, Paul Bérenger said that there was no meeting with Navin Ramgoolam and Xavier-Luc Duval this week. There are two reasons. First, there was the return to Parliament. Secondly, the three formations are finalizing the document that they intend to submit to the Electoral Commissioner. The next meeting is scheduled for this Thursday. “We hope to finalize the document. This is the second draft,” said Paul Berenger. He added that a copy will be given to the Electoral Commissioner. The three leaders will give Irfan Rahman time to study it with his experts. It is after that the three leaders will request a meeting with the Electoral Commissioner.

Paul Bérenger said that the document covers all aspects of the organization of an election, from registration to counting and voting. He described the document as “solid”. And Paul Bérenger said that it is necessary to avoid electoral fraud at all costs.Franklin case: “We are trying to drown the fish”, jokes Bérenger

For the MMM leader, the government, the police and the Icac are all three guilty in the Franklin case. For him, there was protection. “They are trying to drown the fish. Franklin was protected. He was not sent to Reunion Island. Then, the Icac only deals with the laundering aspect and not the drugs,” he said.

During question time, Paul Bérenger said that the MSM is “worse than ever” when managing public funds. He was referring to the Audit report. He also said that he will have plenty of time to comment on the bill concerning the purchase of drugs for the Ministry of Health.

Again in the press conference, Paul Berenger used the terms “cowards” and “cowardice” several times to describe Pravind Jugnauth and Alan Ganoo. This was in relation to what happened in Parliament on Tuesday. Remember that Pravind Jugnauth had brandished a photo of Jasmine Toulouse, where she is next to Jean Hubert Celerine, aka Franklin. It was Alan Ganoo who had given him the picture. For Paul Bérenger, this is unacceptable. “It is good that there was unanimity in the country to denounce the way of Pravind Jugnauth and Alan Ganoo. It is cowardly and it is disgusting. I am ashamed that Alan Ganoo was part of the MMM at the time,” said Paul Bérenger. He ironized on the fact that Alan Ganoo blamed Pravind Jugnauth. “Both are cowards,” said the MMM leader. During question time, Paul Bérenger said that even before he left Parliament, Navin Ramgoolam had called Jasmine Toulouse to express his solidarity. He also denounced the complicity of the government majority in this affair, which has caused a lot of damage.

On Parliament, Paul Bérenger said that nothing has changed. “The attitude of the Speaker and the majority has not changed. They continue to stifle parliamentary democracy. It is not obvious for the population to feel at what point we are prevented from doing our job and at what point the Speaker commits a rape and an abuse of the Standing Orders permanently”, he declared. So for him, there is nothing new under the sun. “Moreover, they refused to lift the suspension of Arvin Boolell,” he said. Paul Berenger also commented on the fact that there will be no questions during the next session.

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