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US Issues Advisory Against Doing Business In Uganda Due To Anti-LGBTQ Law

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Citing an anti-LGBTQ law denounced by several nations and the UN, the US issued a business advisory for Uganda on Monday, warning companies of possible dangers in the African nation.

The US Agency for International Development, along with the Departments of State, Labour, Health and Human Services, and Commerce, released the advisory.

Considered to be among the most severe anti-LGBTQ laws in the world, Uganda’s law was passed in May and imposes the death sentence for “aggravated homosexuality,” which includes HIV transmission through gay sex.

Western nations, especially Washington, denounced it, and it jeopardised a portion of the billions of dollars the nation received annually in foreign aid.

The legislation imposes severe fines on businesses, including non-governmental organisations and the media that intentionally support LGBTQ activities. In addition, same-sex relationships carry a life sentence and the advocacy of homosexuality carries a 20-year penalty under the statute.

“Uganda’s enactment of the Anti-Homosexuality Act (AHA) on May 29, 2023, further increases restrictions on human rights, to include restrictions on freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly, and exacerbates issues regarding the respect for leases and employment contracts,” the government’s business advisory stated.

Following the law’s passing, the US State Department placed limitations on Ugandan officials’ ability to travel in June.

Additionally, the State Department revised its travel advisory for Americans visiting Uganda to emphasise the possibility that LGBTQ individuals may face legal action and be sentenced to life in prison or the death penalty in accordance with existing legislation.

Rights organisations claim that a barrage of abuse directed mostly at private individuals against LGBTQ persons has been unleashed by the bill.

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