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The Next One In Flacq On 22 September: “We Have Chosen Places Where Meetings Are Usually Held”, Says Bérenger

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At a press conference on Saturday, the three leaders of the PTr-MMM-PMSD alliance all spoke of their decision to hold rallies rather than conventions from now on. First, Navin Ramgoolam explained that the Vacoas rally had been a success beyond his expectations. “It is clear that there is a tsunami coming”, he declared, adding that change is on the way.

He declared that the next meeting would take place on Friday 22 September. Then, the alliance will be in Port-Louis on 15 October, in front of Port-Louis town hall or Government House. Paul Bérenger also raised this subject. He insisted that the PTr-MMM-PMSD alliance will hold its meetings in places where this type of gathering is usually held. “We will not accept any refusals”, he declared.

Bérenger: “The Electoral Commissioner has acknowledged his mistake… This must not be repeated too often”

Paul Bérenger also returned to the confusion over the number of voters. He said that the electoral commissioner had acknowledged his errors. “We’re stopping here! But this must not be repeated too often. It’s bad for the Electoral Commissioner and his office,” he said. He added that as the elections drew nearer, greater vigilance would be needed to prevent any cases of electoral fraud. But we must also prevent the manipulation of the Internet and social networks, he stressed. Paul Bérenger also spoke of foreign labour. “It’s already a reality. There are a lot of foreigners in the free zone and even in the bakery sector. Now the debate is about the sugar industry. It’s not enough to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. We need to think and find a solution”, he said.

“We represent the alternative and the government of tomorrow”, says Duval

For Xavier-Luc Duval, the PTr-MMM-PMSD alliance is “supported by the people”. He added that there is a “popular fervour supporting the PTr-MMM-PMSD alliance”. For him, a clear and strong message has been sent. “We represent the credible alternative today and the government of tomorrow”, he declared. For him, this alliance is the overwhelming favourite in a municipal or even general election.

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