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Mexico Congress Holds Another Session Over Peruvian Mummies

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On Tuesday, experts testified before Mexico’s Congress on a pair of three-fingered Peruvian mummies that were recently shown as possible proof of non-human life forms. However, the researchers did not confirm that the remains were alien.

On September 13, Jaime Maussan, a Mexican journalist and UFO enthusiast, gave a firsthand presentation to lawmakers on UFOs during a first-ever congressional event on FANIs, or unidentified flying objects. Maussan showed two examples. Maussan stated the remains had nothing to do with any life on Earth and were thought to have been discovered close to Peru’s ancient Nazca lines.

Maussan brought in a number of physicians to testify that the bodies were those of actual, once-living beings during Tuesday’s session, but he was more concerned with demonstrating that the remains—which were not on exhibit this time—were authentic.

According to anthropologist Roger Zuniga of San Luis Gonzaga National University in Ica, Peru, throughout a four-year period, researchers examined five specimens that bore similarities.

“They’re real,” Zuniga said to Reuters outside the meeting.

He continued, claiming, “There was absolutely no human intervention in the physical and biological formation of these beings,” adding that he was unsure of the creatures’ evolutionary history.

Zuniga displayed a letter attesting to the same thing that was signed by eleven academic researchers. But as the message made clear, they were not making any assumptions about the remains being “extraterrestrial”.

Numerous experts disregarded Maussan’s first presentation, calling it a publicity ploy long since refuted by science and citing research on related remains that showed the specimens were altered using both human and animal bones.

Zuniga stated that the specimens were most likely phoney when questioned about those experiments. But he stated the bodies he and the other researchers from the university examined were real.

Legislator Sergio Gutierrez of the Morena party, which is led by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has proposed a legislation revision in Mexico that would require all UFO-related material to be made public.

The discussion on Tuesday occasionally descended into a harsher justification. After examining test findings and photos of the skeletons, Argentine physician Celestino Adolfo Piotto stated he thought the bodies were an advanced form of today’s human beings, calling them “our descendants”.

A more colourful moment came when Mexican rapper Claudio Yarto announced that he had personally seen UFOs. He then rhymed to complete his address and the audience cheered.

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