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Legislative 2022: The French Elect Their Deputies This Sunday, June 12

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48.7 million voters are called to the polls this Sunday, June 12, 2022, for the third election in two months, after the presidential election. At stake: whether or not to give a majority to Emmanuel Macron in the Assembly. The official campaign for the legislative elections ended Friday evening with the results of the latest polls.

The results of the 1st round of the 2022 legislative elections will be unveiled tomorrow, Sunday, after a day of voting starting at 8 am. There are nearly 6300 candidates who are running for one of the 577 seats allocated in the future National Assembly. It takes 289 elected to have an absolute majority.

Follow the news of these legislative elections 2022 with the highlights of the campaign and the latest news in our live.

This campaign is marked by the return of the left to the forefront, through the New Popular Ecological and Social Union. The campaign has also been marred by numerous scandals, mainly of which the presidential majority has been the victim: accusations of sexist and sexual violence, but also violent disorder at the Stade de France.

About fifteen members of the government are running for the 2022 legislative elections. However, the Elysee has well recalled the rule that any minister who loses an election must leave the government. Therefore, some important positions are at stake on June 12 and 19. Starting with that of the Prime Minister: Elisabeth Borne is running for the first time for the French vote in the 6th constituency of Calvados. A territory a priori favorable to the camp of Emmanuel Macron, however. The Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin is also putting his position at stake in the 10th constituency of the North. Also to watch Olivier Dussopt (Minister of Labor), in the 2nd of Ardeche, or Stanislas Guerini (Minister of Public Service) in the 3rd of Paris.

“Jean-Luc Mélenchon has succeeded where I have failed,” confessed Eric Zemmour on CNEWS two weeks ago. Since the beginning of his campaign for the legislative elections, the former presidential candidate has not ceased to reach out to other right-wing formations: the National Rally, first, but also the Republicans and Debout La France. It was a lost cause, on all sides. On the side of the National Rally, Eric Zemmour is not forgiven for his remarks on the evening of the 2nd round of the presidential election and the defeat of Marine Le Pen.

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