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Bloody Assault Of A Couple On The Way Home

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A black Mercedes with a couple on board, the husband an engineer and the wife a lawyer, was ransacked on the evening of Thursday July 6 as they left a restaurant in Sept Cascades, Henrietta. The couple were roughed up by three people, one of them a woman, armed with edged weapons, who arrived at the scene after being called on the phone by the driver of a 4×4 vehicle. Lawyer Neelkant Dulloo, who was on the road at the time, witnessed the scene. One of his friends, who was in his company, began filming the violent scene with his cell phone. Spotted by one of these two men, he placed a sandbag under his neck to make him erase the image from the video. Frightened, he had to beg the man to excuse him. The Vacoas police launched an investigation.

In the early hours of Friday morning, July 7, lawyer Neelkant Dulloo went to the Vacoas police station to report a case of aggravated assault. He recounted the evening of Thursday July 6 at around 10.20 p.m., when he and his friend were returning from the restaurant in Sept Cascades. When they reached a kovil, the road was blocked by a 4×4 travelling in the opposite direction, which had stopped.  He and his friend got out of their vehicle to inquire about the situation. They saw that BMW was directly in front of them, heading in the same direction.

This car was unable to move forward because the 4 x 4 driven by a woman was swearing at the BMW driver. The driver of the 4×4, explains lawyer Dulloo, was kindly asked to move her 4×4, otherwise other vehicles driving in the opposite direction would have to reverse. The woman categorically refused. Immediately he made a call on his cell phone and lawyer Dulloo could hear him say, “ena enn bann…divan mwa kipa pe oule bouze. Desann vini pran zouti vinn kas… tou de swit”.

In the meantime, lawyer Dulloo and the other drivers reversed the vehicle to clear the way for her, but she refused to move her vehicle and continued to hurl insults. Two men and a woman heavily armed with sabers, hammers, knives and sledgehammers arrived at the scene. They rushed to the BMW and began to ransack it. They were also to attack the driver and his wife, who was beside him. They forcibly removed them from their vehicle and continued to assault them.

Threatening words were spoken to his friend, who was filming the assault on his cell phone. One of the two men approached his friend and asked him to delete the video image, while placing a sword under his neck. Faced with this situation, his frightened friend had no choice but to apologize. Neelkant Dulloo told investigators at the Vacoas police station that he would be able to identify these two women and his two men. The injured couple went to the Wellkin Clinic for treatment. When police arrived at the scene half an hour later, the assailants had already left.

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