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Raquel Jolicoeur Returns Finally Home

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Raquel Jolicoeur was released from Melrose prison this Thursday. Before that, he had to go through various formalities. He was happy to be out in the open air. “I’m happy to have my freedom back,” he declared. He was delighted to say that he had received Rs 500 from the prison administration for all the work he had done in prison over the past year. “Have pity on me! Don’t put drugs back in my house. Pretend you can’t see or hear me. In fact, you won’t hear me,” he told journalists.

He refused to comment on the Special Striking Team and ASP Jagai. “I’ve been through a lot this year. I just want to live in peace. Think of my children,” he said.

Raquel Jolicoeur insisted that he has always worked for a living. He’s a greengrocer. He added that he is also a singer. He got into a taxi and sang his way out of Melrose prison.

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