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Comoros: Azali Assoumani Sworn In As President For Fourth Term

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As he took office for a fourth term on Sunday, President Azali Assoumani of Comoros promised to pursue peace and quickly expand the economy. This came after a contentious January election that his rivals say was marred by voter fraud.

After the electoral authority certified him re-elected to another five-year term with 63% of the vote, violent demonstrations broke out in the nation, a group of three islands off the coast of Mozambique, leaving one person dead and at least 25 injured.

With 800,000 people living there, Comoros has seen 20 coups or attempted coups since gaining independence from France in 1975. It is also a key hub for irregular migration to the neighboring French island of Mayotte.

Leaders of the opposition declared that the most recent presidential poll was rigged, citing cases of ballot stuffing and voting that concluded earlier than the scheduled closing time. The claims were refuted by the government.

At a ceremony held in a stadium in the capital Moroni, Assoumani, wearing a green and yellow sash, said, “Disputes after the elections are not a Commorian exception. I thank the Commorians for the renewed trust, I will not disappoint you.”

The former army officer declared, “After this inauguration, I invite civil society, the opposition, and all political actors to put aside differences in favor of peace and democracy.” He also pledged to increase the economy at a rate of five percent annually.

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