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Aisha Shaik, The Representative At The Global Network Of Religions For Children, Is Concerned About Children’s Welfare

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The Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC), a subsidiary of Arigatou International, has chosen Aisha Shaik, a 15-year-old Mauritanian girl, student of Islamic Institute and Secular Studies to serve on its Children’s Committee. The goal of Arigatou International is to create a better world for children by collaborating with individuals from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions. The chance presented itself for Aisha Shaik to express her enthusiasm for fighting for children’s rights. GNRC Mauritius’s Belall Maudarbux, a social project management expert, claims that every year the organization chooses a group of young children from different parts of the world to collaborate on a cause. As he explains, “Arigatou International is a Japanese international non-governmental organization that works for human rights.”

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