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Grand Bay: Rs 350,000 Worth Of Items Taken From A Container

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One month after a break-in was committed from a container where various items, worth Rs 350,000, were taken from Chemin Racket, Grand-Baie, the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of this division has cleared up the case after the arrest of two suspects on Tuesday, November 23. They are Pravesh Seeparsad, a 23-year-old homeless man and Akeelesh Aucburally, 22 years old and living in Trou-aux-Biches. These two young people have confessed to have committed this theft to the detriment of a director of a fishing company where her house was under construction. They also confessed to another theft in Trou aux Biches where electrical wires and decorative lamps were stolen. The whole is estimated at Rs 70 000. Part of the stolen goods was recovered after the arrest of a fence.

Theft From A Container

It is on the basis of certain information that sergeants Daby, Doorbeejun and Bankar of the CID of Grand-Bay, led by Inspector Takhoor and the men of the Field Intelligence Office of the Northern Division, led by Inspector Ganga took the suspect, Pravesh Seeparsad to the office of the CID for questioning. The suspect had already been in custody since November 18 after his arrest in another case by the Red Earth CID.

Pravesh Seeparsad was questioned closely about this case of burglary of a container in Grand Bay and another theft from the second home of a 25-year-old woman living in Triolet. He incriminated Akeelesh Auckburally as his accomplice, who was arrested soon after.

Theft From A Container

During their interrogation, these two young people gave up the name of Joseph Agathe, 53, a resident of Grand Bay, to whom they sold the stolen items. A raid on the man’s home resulted in the recovery of two pink sofas, a small white sofa, a gas stove, two decorative lamps, two adapters and a lamp cover.

On Tuesday, November 23, Akeelesh Auckburally and Joseph Agathe were brought before the Court of Pamplemousses. Afterwards, they were taken back to the police cell.

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