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13 Years For Aiding And Abetting Rapist

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The Intermediate Court has sentenced Zuber Noordaully, aged 27 years old, to 13 years of imprisonment. The Court has found him guilty of aiding and abetting the rape and sodomy of a 58-year-old woman in 2008. Back at that time, Noordaully was only 14 and had agreed to commit a theft at the victim’s house. His accomplice, nevertheless, decided to rape and sodomise the owner of the house with the help of Noordaully.

The accomplice is a man called Shameem, a criminal who has been convicted in a murder case.

Zuber Noordaully
Zuber Noordaully

The case for the prosecution rested essentially on the version of the accused. As per the latter’s statement, given under caution to the police on 24th December 2008 at 11 00 hrs, the accused gave details as to how he had agreed with one Shameem to commit a burglary in the house of the victim. He further explained how in the course of the burglary, he immobilized the victim with both hands on her stomach while the said Shameem raped the victim and how he sat on the back of the victim to immobilize her while the said Shameem sodomized the victim.

The Court has stated that leniency could not be granted for such acts and thus, sentenced the young man to 13 years of prison.

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