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Wake Up Dance School: Finally An Urban Dance School !

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The Wake Up Dance School will soon open its doors in Curepipe. This school will introduce young and old to hip-hop, Afro Beat and Break Dance every day of the week.

Urban dance will soon have a school with a solid backbone. Directed by Kenjee Kennedy, the Wake Up Dance School fills a gap on the island. Except that financially it was not possible. However, with the help of the founders we were able to set up this school which is located in Curepipe near the train station.

Open to children, teenagers and adults, the school currently offers three styles of dance: “We will be offering hip-hop, break dance and Afro Beat classes. In the future, other styles will be added to the existing classes,” explains Kenjee.

Kenjee Kennedy
Kenjee Kennedy

As for the fees, they will charge between Rs 600 and Rs 800 per month for one and a half hour sessions: “The monthly fee will be Rs 600 for children. Classes for adults cost Rs 800 per month. However, for any enrolment till January 5, 2023, all students will get a 25% discount on their monthly payment.”

Note that single sessions will also be considered in the near future.

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