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Président Roopun Is Concerned By Gender Violence

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25 December was marked by the speech of the President of the Republic. In his televised address, Pradeep Roopun spoke about the revival of the economy. It feels good, he said, that nearly a million tourists will have visited the country by the end of 2022 and that all the hotels are full. For the President, these are very encouraging signs. Especially since the financial sector is back on track after the country was taken off the grey and black lists “in record time”.

However, Pradeep Roopun also expressed concern about the number of cases of violence against women. “I strongly condemn all forms of violence. This has never been a solution. Do not remain passive with these tragedies. Let us use all means to prevent them and denounce them when necessary,” he said.

Pradeep Roopun also said he was concerned about road accidents. “Indiscipline, speeding and drinking and driving are a concern. We must set an example,” he said.

Pradeep Roopun also stressed the importance of reducing our dependence on imports. Like last year, he said that we should, as much as possible, grow what we eat and consume what we produce. Hence his tribute to the various entrepreneurs who have continued to develop the country.

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