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Paul Bérenger: We Must Get Rid of the GM… But Through Elections

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In a press conference of the MMM this morning, Paul Bérenger reiterated the fact that this government must be removed from power as soon as possible. However, he insisted several times that it must be done in accordance with the Constitution and the law. “That is, through a general election, not through disorder and violence,” he said. He added that Mauritius is not in the same situation as Sri Lanka, “at least not yet”. It is our duty as patriots, he insisted, to prevent this from happening. He announced that on Monday, the third meeting between Navin Ramgoolam, Arvin Boolell, Xavier-Luc Duval and himself will take place. Paul Berenger added that he preferred a big meeting. But this will be discussed at this meeting. Paul Bérenger also revealed that he has heard that some people, through unrealism, irresponsibility, or naivety, think that the success of a march will make the government leave. “Some newspapers also spread this impression. A successful march can help to remove the government, to get elections as soon as possible. But it is dangerous to think that a government will leave with a march. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this is not the case,” he added.

For Berenger, it is Pravind Jugnauth who has helped Huawei in Mauritius the most

There is only one person responsible for the MT-Sniffing affair, for Paul Bérenger. It is none other than the head of government. “We denounce Pravind Jugnauth as Prime Minister and Bobby Hurreeram as spokesman for the government,” he said. For him, the person who helped Huawei the most in Mauritius is Pravind Jugnauth. “Hurreeram came to contradict him by saying that Sherry Singh has handed over the country hand and foot to Huawei and China. But until last week, it was Pravind Jugnauth who helped Huawei. Obviously, the Chinese ambassador reacted strongly… and rightly so,” said the MMM leader. Paul Bérenger ironized by adding that Pravind Jugnauth is now reduced to run as soon as he sees the press. “The incompetence and irresponsibility of Pravind Jugnauth and Bobby Hurreeram exceed all limits and put the country in danger,” he said.

Bérenger on Bhadain and Nando Bodha

On several occasions, in a press conference, Paul Berenger said that the MMM was very irritated by Roshi Badhain and his way of doing things. “We did not appreciate his way of doing things. He held a congress that voted a motion that he must be presented as Prime Minister. We took note. He has irritated us,” he said. As for Nando Bodha, Paul Bérenger believes that depending on what will happen between the PTr, the PMSD and the MMM, Nando Bodha will have to clarify his position. “In due course, he will have to do so. I say that if Bodha knows how to play his political cards, he has a future,” he said. The MMM leader clarified that he is not talking about the post of Prime Minister. In fact, he said that everyone wanted to become Prime Minister. So much so, he said, that the Minister of Finance should introduce a tax on this ambition. “It is good that everyone has ambition. But their ambition should not eat them up,” he added.

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