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“The Tsunami Swept Away The Opposition” – Says Lesjongard

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This morning at a press conference, Joe Lesjongard ironically pointed out that the “tsunami” announced by Sherry Singh has swept away the opposition and not the government. The MSM president said that the meetings of Sherry Singh with the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary opposition for a concerted action had the opposite effect. That is, the opposition forces did not come together but each took a direction. For him, Roshi Bhadain and Nando Bodha are no longer part of the great alliance of the opposition.

For Lesjongard, the semblance of unity within the opposition has already “shattered into a thousand pieces”. This would be since everyone has “their own agenda” and no one is looking out for the interests of the population. He added that Navin Ramgoolam is doing a lot of damage to the opposition while Pravind Jugnauth will start a tour of the island. He will hold conventions in all 20 constituencies of the country.

On the other hand, Joe Lesjongard also maintained that the leader of the Labor Party, Navin Ramgoolam remains the only master on board regarding the opposition. However, he said that the statements of the leader of the ‘reds’, who drew a parallel with Sri Lanka and argued that the people must take their destiny into their own hands, are dangerous for the country and the people.

Maneesh Gobin announced that a delegation comprising members of the public and private sectors will soon go to Iran for a prospection mission. This, to obtain products at a lower cost.

For his part, the Attorney General and Minister of Agro-Industry, Maneesh Gobin, commented on investment in the country. In this context, he strongly denounced the attitude of a section of the press and the population who maintain that Mauritius is like Sri Lanka, that the economy is going badly. However, we have experienced two successive lockdowns and suffered the effects and repercussions of the war between Ukraine and Russia. It is normal that Moodys has downgraded us. However, we must consider and place all this in context. Even England has announced that it is in a recession. There is hyperinflation. But the Moody’s report also underlined that our banks are in good shape,” he added.

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