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In Cité Vuillemin, Quartier-Militaire: He Offers To Sell Cannabis To Police Officers

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An undercover operation mounted by police officers from the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) in Moka on the afternoon of Wednesday 14 September in Cité Vuillemin, Quartier-Militaire, led to the arrest of a resident of this village for drug trafficking. The police put handcuffs on the wrists of Jean Brundon Antooneemootoo, 29, after he offered to sell 391 grams of cannabis. The market value of the drug is Rs 469,200.

Brundoo Antooneemootoo
Brundoo Antooneemootoo

It was after hours of surveillance and after obtaining information about this individual that Inspector Ramchurn’s men mounted this operation. It was around 12.08 pm on Wednesday, September 14, when these police officers raided the city for this exercise. It was near a cane field that this transaction was to take place.

The ADSU officers seized a parcel containing a quantity of cannabis from Brundon Antooneemootoo. The suspect was taken to the ADSU office in Moka for questioning before being taken into custody. This Thursday morning, 15 September, he will be brought before the Moka court where he will face a provisional charge of drug trafficking for delivery.

Cannabis plants uprooted in Martinière

In addition, an abandoned field was combed on Wednesday 14 September in Martinière, Suriname. The exercise allowed the men of Sergeant Mihdidin of the ADSU in Rose-Belle to find 271 cannabis plants. The plants are between 50 and 80 centimetres in length. The plants are valued at Rs 813,000. An investigation has been initiated to identify the alleged grower of these plants.

Rickman Salece
Rickman Salece

On the other hand, Sergeant Gervais Sauteur of the ADSU in Chemin Grenier arrested Louis Rickman Salece, a 20-year-old resident of Rivière des Galets, on Wednesday 14 September. This after he was found in possession of 15 doses of heroin, i.e. 0.80 grams of heroin at his home and a sum of Rs 3000 suspected to be from the sale of this drug. The suspect was brought before the Souillac court before being sent to the Beau-Bassin prison for detention.

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