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Coral Restoration – A Ray Of Hope: A Documentary On The Urgency Of Preserving Our Corals

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Director Mohan Mohit has just released a documentary entitled Coral restoration – A ray of hope. Available on YouTube, this documentary raises awareness of the need to protect our coral reefs.

Hénry Rotile 

With a degree in Marine Environmental Science, Mohan Mohit is also a young filmmaker. After Anoxia – a fiction film released in 2023 – Mohan has just released a documentary on the restoration of Coralie reefs: “The preservation of our corals is a subject particularly close to my heart. That’s why I felt it was important to make this documentary to raise awareness among Mauritians of the importance of protecting corals.”

Coral restoration requires cuttings.

The documentary also focuses on coral planting: “I gave the floor to Dr. Nadeem Nazurally, the founder of the EcoMode Society. This NGO has been committed for some time to planting corals, which are mainly affected by global warming.”

According to Mohan, it would take 10 years for the country to recover the Coral reefs it has lost: “You have to realize that the world has lost almost 50% of its corals. In Mauritius, we estimate losses at over 30%. If we start replanting corals now, we could reverse the trend and get our corals back in our lagoons. To do this, we need financial support like that of the EcoMode Society to bring this project to fruition,” emphasizes Mohan.

The documentary can be viewed here:

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