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British PM Rishi Sunak Promises 1 Million New Houses Ahead Of General Elections

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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is all prepared for his next campaigning for the upcoming national elections. Sunak seeks to provide 1 million homes by that time as the nation is coping with housing issues, like lack of rent payment and inability to buy new homes.

The young voters are especially affected with rising prices in the United Kingdom as they are unable to gather required money for either renting or buying homes.  This has resulted in a drop in young age voters against Sunak’s governing Conservatives. Apart from housing prices, the youth are also struggling with high childcare costs.

For a long time, the Conservative Party has been divided over the issue of housing. Some lawmakers from rural areas oppose more construction and favor protecting greenbelt space, while others from more metropolitan areas favor accelerating the construction of new dwellings.

To accomplish the 1 million-home goal set at the 2019 election, housing minister Michael Gove will outline additional steps on Monday to clear the planning process and construct houses in the “right places” provided there is local authorization.

Sunak stated that his administration will construct buildings in inner-city areas which reflect high demand of houses. The government will also build new urban quarter in Cambridge to facilitate the area for growing as a science center.

Referencing the promises of the 2019 elections, Sunak said, “Today I can confirm that we will meet our manifesto commitment to build 1 million homes over this parliament. That’s a beautiful new home for a million individual families in every corner of our country.”

“We won’t do that by concreting over the countryside – our plan is to build the right homes where there is the most need and where there is local support, in the heart of Britain’s great cities,” he added.

Sunak’s efforts towards building new houses are also directed towards lowering down Labour Party’s, the opposition, massive lead in a sort of by-election last Friday, which Rishi Sunak won unexpectedly.

With the exception of two months early in the Covid-19 outbreak, British house development accelerated in June, according to a poll released this month. This was the fastest pace in more than 14 years.

A parliamentary committee reported earlier this month that the government was on schedule to create 1 million new homes but was not expected to fulfil a second commitment to build 300,000 net new homes annually by the middle of the 2020s, partly due to uncertainty over reforming the planning policy.

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