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Sherry Singh – Act III : One Surprise Leading To Another

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There were more surprises on Tuesday in Act III of the case. Sherry Singh went to the CCID accompanied by his lawyer, Gavin Glover. On the same day, CTO Girish Guddoy submitted his resignation from his position at Mauritius Telecom. XLD was quick to comment via a private message to the press.

Mr Gavin Glover surprised

At the close of Act III, Me Gavin Glover subtly and in a way that did not let anything get out, told the press, “we were presented with some documents and we were a little surprised that a citizen was allowed to use them. The police will decide what to do.” Then, Mr Gavin Glover, announced the end of Act III and announced Act IV for this Wednesday, still under the three charges of “disseminating false news”, “breach of ICTA” and “criminal defamation”, as recorded by the Prime Minister.

CTO resigns from MT

Under the spotlight since the outbreak of this case, at least his title, Girish Guddoy submitted his resignation letter on Tuesday to the MT Board. Although his resignation has not yet been publicly announced by MT, his name has been circulating. Girish Guddoy is the CTO in question who, according to Sherry Singh, was ordered by the PM to give permission, and at the request of the ex-CEO, had accompanied the Indian technicians to the Baie de Jacotet Landing Station on 15 April for the SAFE Cable Survey on national security grounds. Since Monday 18 July, a letter bearing the signature of the CTO, dated 2 July, has been circulating in the press. This letter gives details of the operation in question but also confirms that no sniffing device was installed.

XLD reacts

In the parliamentary debates, during the PNQ, his name was mentioned by XLD. Reacting to the resignation, the Opposition Leader, in a message to the press, spoke of “the resignation of the CTO, who was made to write false letters and reports. We now have the confirmation of a huge scandal whose magnitude we can no longer measure.” He went on to say that “the repercussions are multiple and serious, affecting the private lives of Mauritians, the economy and the very image of Mauritius at the regional and international level.” Not to mention the diplomatic relations.”

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