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Sequencing: 6 Delta And 10 Omicron Cases

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These are the results of sequencing on samples taken between 06 and 09 January. Of the 16 samples, 14 are local cases, including 6 Delta cases and 8 of the 10 Omicron cases. In the Ministry’s circular for this week of 14 January to 21 January, the country has had 14 victims of Covid 19.

Of the 14 deaths, 4 were under 60 years of age, 12 were unvaccinated and 13 had co-morbidities. Of the 17 patients admitted to the New ENT Hospital, 3 people are on ventilators at the ENT Hospital and are all vaccinated with 2 doses. 14 are on oxygen, of which only 6 are vaccinated with 2 doses. 121 patients were admitted to the 5 regional hospitals.

The PCR positivity rate for the past week is 575 cases, of which 468 are local cases and 117 are imported cases.  249 people are reported to be in quarantine. For today, 84 new Covid-19 positive cases have been detected in the country. And in the last 24 hours, the ENT hospital has recorded 3 new admissions and 13 new admissions in regional hospitals.

Vaccination remains on the rise with 78.7% of people vaccinated, that is 964,309 people. 927,168 people, that is 75.6%, have received the second dose and 23.4%, that is 288,583 people, the third dose, of which 189,180 at Johnson & Johnson, 87,837 at Pfizer, 8,741 at Sinopharm and 2,825 at AstraZeneca. For the 12- to 17-year-olds, 53.8% of this population, that is, 56,070 adolescents received the first dose and 42.3%, that is 44,059 teenagers the second. In Rodrigues, 72.1% of the population received their first dose, 65.9% the second and 7,500 people received their booster doses.

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