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Playing With Matches Sets A Child’s Bedroom On Fire

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Elements of the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS) were called to Terre Rouge on the morning of Sunday 13 August to contain a fire in a concrete house. The fire was started accidentally by a three-year-old child playing with matches. The fire, which started in a bedroom, spread to the living room. Damage is estimated at Rs 100,000.

A fire broke out in a bedroom at around 8.15 am on Sunday morning, 13 August. A three-year-old girl ran to her mother to inform her that a fire had started in a bedroom. When the 31-year-old mother became aware of the situation, the flames had already spread to the living room.

The capital’s fire station was immediately alerted. The men from the MFRS managed to contain the fire. However, two mattresses, a wooden bed, a Pacific fan, a sofa, a bicycle, a wardrobe, clothes, three telephones and their accessories were damaged.

Fortunately, there were no injuries. At the time, the young mother was in the company of her three children. The police have launched an investigation to shed light on the exact circumstances of the accident.

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