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MSM: Government’s Priority Is The Fight Against The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Press conference held on Saturday at the Sun Trust Building, MSM Secretary General Maneesh Gobin, who is also the Minister of Agribusiness and Atorney General, and the Minister of National Infrastructure, Bobby Hurreeram, commented mainly on the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the government’s priorities and the government’s financial assistance to the needy, among others.

Focusing on public health, the Minister of Agribusiness and the Attormey General severely criticized the misinformation campaigns and demagogy of some regarding the purchase of vaccines and the consent form, among others. What would be the outcome and consequences if we had not purchased the vaccines, which are mandatory in hospitals and schools in the country,” he wondered.

Maneesh Gobin also said that the government has initiated many courageous actions in the interest of Mauritians and the country. We will not give up and the government will intensify the necessary actions and encourage the vulnerable to do the ‘booster dose’ as soon as possible.  Public health was, is and will always be the government’s priority,” he maintained.

Helping the vulnerable

The MSM Secretary General also stressed the importance of solidarity during the times the country and its people are currently facing. The Minister of Agribusiness and the Attorney General asked the population to be careful with false information campaigns and palaver. Some have said that there will be a lockdown. This has panicked the population because nothing has happened. We must be careful with false rumors and arsonists and also when we talk about freedom of speech,” he said.

Bobby Hurreeram

Special thought for the poorest

In the wake of this, Bobby Hurreram pointed out that we have been facing the pandemic for two years. In a difficult economic context, we are called to live with difficult health conditions. Despite all this, the government always has a special thought for the poorest of the Mauritian society”, he said.

At the same time, the Minister of National Infrastructures did not mince his words towards the detractors of the government who are criticizing the establishment of the “Covid-19 Project Development Fund” to help all workers and others, who are part of the construction industry, including contractors, masons, “masonry workers”, suppliers of materials.

As the heavy rains approach

However, he strongly denounced the attitude of some people, some of whom have parliamentary immunity and are spouting bullshit. One of our priorities is to solve the problems that the people of Cottage and Fond du Sac have faced in the past,” he added.

During question time, Bobby Hurreeram explained the role of the Land Drainage Authority (LDA) – the Land Drainage Master Plan, which will conduct a survey, which will allow the many agencies to carry out necessary work and take emergency action in case of flooding. He said that there are 40 emergency projects that will improve the quality of life of people.

Maneesh Gobin said that last Friday, the Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Kailesh Jagutpal gave all the details regarding the purchase of medicines. He maintained that the latter did not hide anything.

The MSM Secretary General also stressed that the government and the Prime Minister are serious and principled.

Hailing the work of those who work to save and protect the lives of others, he said that investigations will be conducted if the need arises in relation to the purchase of drugs.

On the other hand, Maneesh Gobin asked members of the public to consult their doctors before purchasing new drugs regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

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