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King Charles’ Favourite Dishes & Food Preferences As Told By Ex-Royal Chef

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Carolyn Robb, an ex-royal chef, has spilled the beans about dishes most liked by King Charles apart from his other demands in food. Robb also divulged that some of his demands were related to two ingredients that were prohibited.

The two prohibited ingredients the 74-year-old King always liked were “local honey” or “home-grown asparagus,” purchased from local vendors, The Daily Express said quoting Robb, who remained a royal chef from 1989 to 2000 and completed her diploma at Cordon Bleu Cookery. She emphasized that “Everything had to be in season. So no imported strawberries in December. The King was never happier than when he was eating food fresh from the garden.”

Describing about King Charles’ specific tastes, she said that his likings would differ from place to place. For example, if the King was the family’s country house, at Sandringham, an estate in the United Kingdom, he would prefer pheasant or venison taken from the estate.

According to Rob, the then prince would not waste food and would indulge in “no extravagance.” This has also been due to King Charles’s passion for the environment which he had time and again expressed.

The former royal chef also revealed that every day there would be a “little menu book” with different meals for each day that would be studied by Charles for what he would like to eat. “Sometimes that would change if Charles wandered back in with something he’d picked from the garden and it would be served for dinner that evening,” said Robb.

Robb also explained why the royal family did not use raw onion and garlic in their food. She reasoned, “We didn’t use garlic or raw onion in many dishes as the family were always aware that they would be in close contact with members of the public!” the outlet quoted her as saying.

Fresh food items are something that the Royals are very fond of. Queen Elizabeth II’s former private chef, Darren McGrady revealed in a YouTube video that the late Queen was fond of berries, but they need to be fresh. Another food fact she told was that the Queen had a jam sandwich each day during high tea time. She had been eating the jam sandwich ever since she was a little girl.

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