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Jugnauth: “GM Will Go To The End Of His Mandate”

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Pravind Jugnauth said on Monday in Vacoas that he has the support of Ivan Collendavelloo, Steven Obeegadoo and Alan Ganoo. The Government Alliance, according to him, “is united” and is here “to bring progress to the country, economically and socially”. After thanking his three partners, Pravind Jugnauth said that the government “will go to the end of its mandate”. He added that the government alliance has welcomed many newcomers.

The Prime Minister also expressed pride in what the government, ‘with Ivan and the Muvman Liberater’, has achieved since 2014. There is no comparison, he said, between what has been achieved during this period and what was done between 2005 and 2014 under a Labour government.

Pravind Jugnauth said that he is “serene” about the upcoming Privy Council trial. He also accused lawyers close to the PTr and MMM of defending drug dealers.

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